Hello Hauge (O. H. Hauge)

The artists Juni Dahr, Tore Brunborg and Thomas Strønen have made a lyrical and musical performance “Hello Hauge”, based on  the Norwegian poet Olav H. Hauge’s poems.

The performance was originally commissioned for a poetry festival in Norway in 2008, where it received great reviews – one newspaper characterized it as “gourmet food for the soul”.

“Hello Hauge” was also performed at Peking University and Shanghai Fudan University in 2009. Olav H. Hauge (1908 – 1994) was inspired by Chinese poetry during his entire life. His work has been translated by the Norwegian professor Harald Bøckman and the Chinese contemporary poet Xi Chuan.

Olav H. Hauge lived a reserved life as fruit farmer in western Norway. His poems revolve around nature and everyday life, they have been translated into many languages and continue to have a large influence.


Photos by BT/N. Nicolaisen and Sigrid Seim.


Direction, idea, artistic concept, text: Juni Dahr
Composition: Tore Brunborg, in collaboration with Thomas Strønen

Performers: Juni Dahr: Text and Vocal
Tore Brunborg: flute, saxophone, samples
Thomas Strønen: percussion, percussion and samples

Producer: Marianne Roland

Touring China supported by: Norsk Kulturråd, Norsk Komponistfond, Fond for lyd og bilde, Performing Arts Council, Hauge / Tveitt 08 and Ulvik Poetry Festival.

Supported by: The Norwegian Embassy, The Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai, Writers Publishing House, Hauge/Tveitt 08, Visions Theatre Company, Mawood Theatre, Time Arts, Peking University Concert Hall, Shanghai Fudan University.

Overview of venues

Produced for the Hauge-Tveitt Jubilee in Ulvik 2008.

Also performed at: Søsterkirkene Gran, Bærum Kulturhus, Nasjonal Jazzscene Oslo.

On tour to China 2009, and performaed at different spaces in Beijing and Shanghai.

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