Victoria - Juni Dahr

Victoria (Hamsun)

Juni Dahr presents lyrics from the novel “Victoria” by Knut Hamsun to music by Lars Martin Myhre in this consertperformance.

Based on Knut Hamsun’s novel “Victoria”, Dahr / Myhre has put together a performance that is nor theater nor concert, but where music and text are independent entities that merge into this tribute to  the novel dealing with the overall topic of young and impossible love.

In addition to Dahr and Myhre, the musicians Terje Johannesen and Jon Rosslund contribute with sounds ranging from rippling water to affectionate  electronics.

The concertperformance opened at Klokkestøperiet, Nauen farm near Tønsberg in November 2000. Performances also at Bærum Kulturhus Sandvika, Domkirkeodden Hamar, Asker kulturhus, Ringelien farm, Kristiansand library, Tønsberg library, and at the National library in Oslo.


Victoria: Juni Dahr
Composer, guitar, keyboard: Lars Martin Myhre
Trumpet, guitar: Terje Johannesen
Percussion: Jon Rosslund: 

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