Spor – Svalbard Movements

Spor – Svalbard Movements created especially for Taubanesentralen at Svalbard. 

Spor – Svalbard Movements. Premiere 10 June 2020

Photos from June 2020

 Photos from rehearsals and performances by Elizabeth Bourne, Marianne Roland og Hilde Røsvik


SPOR – SVALBARD MOVEMENTS was created for the location Taubanesentralen at Svalbard. The material is based on texts, notes and documentation from women who lived and survived in the solitude in the arctic hundred years ago. The music is composed for sax, drums and samples.

Creative team:

Juni Dahr:                     Idéa, concept, texts, directing, actor

Tore Brunborg:             Composer, musician

Per Oddvar Johansen:  Co-composer, musician

Oda Radoor:                 Dramaturg, directing

Henrik Lethigangas:    Sound

Kristin Sunde:               Light

Marianne Roland:        Producer

Produced by Visjoner Teater, co-production with Are Nundal at Longyearbyen kulturhus.

Supported by: Dramatikkens Hus, Norsk Kulturråd, Nordisk Kulturfond, Fond for Lyd og Bilde


Photos from September 2019

Photos by Ida Willassen

Svalbard Movements, September 2019

Part of the project, with some of the material, was presented in September 2019 at Longyearbyen litteraturfestival and for the pupils at the school in Longyearbyen.

Script and concept: Juni Dahr og María Ellingsen.
On stage: María Ellingsen, Reijo Kela, Tore Brunborg, Per Oddvar Johansen, Store Norske Mandskor
Composer: Tore Brunborg. Director: Inger Buresund. Light design: Kristin Bredal. Costumes: Silje Fjellberg. Sound: Håvard Hiller. Technical/practical assistant: Knut Antonsen. Textdramaturg: Oda Radoor.
Producer: Marianne Roland. Producers assistant: Ida Willassen.
Idea og scenic concept Taubanesenstralen: Juni Dahr

Thank you for inspiration and help along the way: Chris Poole, Sigri Sandberg Meløy, Snorri Freyr Hilmarsson.

Svalbard Movements is produced by Visjoner Teater: www.dahr.no
Artistic director Juni Dahr

Visjoner Teater wishes to thank: Norsk Kulturfond, Nordisk Kulturfond, Norsk-Islandsk Kulturfond, Norsk-Finsk Kulturfond, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Fritt Ord, Norsk Komponistfond, Artica Svalbard, Dramatikkens Hus and Nordic Culturepoint.


Press photo
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