Juni Dahr, Per Oddvar Johansen og Tore Brunborg


Spor  is a concert performance from the arctic by and with actress Juni Dahr and jazz musicians Tore Brunborg and Per Oddvar Johansen.

Spor is inspired by our meeting with Svalbard, reflecting on the close relationship and constant battle with nature  in the arctic areas. The material is based on texts, notes and documentation from the women,  “fangstkvinner”, who lived  and survived in the solitude in the arctic hundred years ago. The music is composed for sax, drums and samples.  

Article: Read artickle by Line Nagell Ylvisåker in Shakespearetidsskriftet.


Credits​ Spor

Created by: Juni Dahr, Tore Brunborg and Per Oddvar Johansen

Music composed by Tore Brunborg

Text performed by: Juni Dahr

Music performed and created by: Tore Brunborg and Per Oddvar Johansen

For the first version of Spor the artists collaborated with Store Norske Mandskor. And the concert premiered at PolarJazz  in Gruve 3, Longyearbyen, Svalbard.  February 3rd, 2019. 

Spor is now developed for a smaller version.

For booking contact:

Produsent Marianne Roland 



Photos by  Johannes Andersen.

More photos from Svalbard, Gruve 3: Johannes Andersen (see more here)

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