A consertperformance. Munch’s own texts are an introduction to his paintings, describing women, friends, nature, the ocean in the evening and in moonlight. His concern for human feelings and relationships is seen in the pictures. These motives inspired Juni Dahr to invite two of Norway’s finest jazz musicians to create this concertperformance. Hearing in his own words,  his inner thoughts about life, the situations and the people in the pictures, give a deep insight into Munch’s life and complicated artist mind.


Photos by Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen/ Gunvor Skancke/Marianne Roland. (Venue Oscarshall )


Artistic director and text adaptation: Juni Dahr. All texts by Edvard Munch

Tore Brunborg: Saxophone
Jarle Vesperstad: Drums
Producer: Marianne Roland

Overview of venues

Ringelien farm by Randsfjorden, Sæterhytten in Oslo, Oscarshall at Bygdøy, Blaafarveverket, The National Gallery in Oslo, at Munch’s atelier Ekely. Tårnsalen at Kode in Bergen, Freiasalen Oslo.

Another version of the concertperformance was precented at Høvikodden and at Åsgårdstrand in 2001.


  • Duration about 50-60 min.
  • Shorter parts from the performance can also be adapted and presented separately.
  • Best in small intimate spaces linked to visual arts, galleries or studios.
  • Scene dimensions about 4 × 3 meters.
  • Audience max capacity: 150
Photo for press (high res)
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