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Ibsen women – put an eagle in a cage

IBSEN WOMEN explores six of the female characters of Henrik Ibsen. During one hour we follow Juni Dahr’s encounter with Hilde, Hedda, Mrs. Alving, Nora, Ellida and Hjørdis. The texts of Henrik Ibsen are bound together through the actor´s own personal reflections and thoughts around the characters strenght and vulnerability and the underlying theme in the Ibsen dramas: the longing for freedom.

IBSEN WOMEN was conceived in the United States while Juni Dahr was touring with Joan of Arc. Being a Norwegian actress, she was often asked aboout Ibsen’s dramas. This inspired her to present the Norwegian master playwright through some of his female characters.

Through improvisations based on fragments of Ibsen’s text, «Ibsen Women» slowly evolved in an empty space with a minimum of props and decoration.

«Ibsen Women» was first presented at the International Ibsen symposium held at Yale University in April 1989.

«Put an eagle in a cage and it will bite the bars wether they are of iron or gold», says Hjørdis in The Vikings of Helgeland.

Juni says: «Playing Hjørdis, under the direction of John Barton from the Royal Shakespear Company, opened my mind to Ibsen’s challenging questions to freedom and life itself. Henrik Ibsen reveals a deep understandiing of women – but where did he get his knowledge from? Through his characters he makes us experience our own lives. Henrik Ibsen is the genius that tempts us to explore his women looking for the essence, the source and the spirit that makes these female characters so facinating even today.»


Photos by Joanna Butler/Marianne Thallaug.


Ibsen Women – put an eagle in a cage, 1989 – 2013.

The International Ibsen Symposium, Yale University april 1989.

Nominated  best «One act play» at  Scenario 89 in Oslo. “Critics Award”  in Los Angeles 1991,  Ibsen Prize Skien 1995. First prize in Carracas Theaterfestival 1995. Prize of Honour at Fadjr Int. Theater Festival Teheran 2014.

International Tours and Festivals:

USA; Washington DC; Arena Stage, Smithsonian Institute, New York: Women Festival, John Houseman Theatre. FN.Los Angeles; Westwood Playhouse, San Fransisco, Berkeley, Rochester, Boston; Seattle, Tacoma, Midtvesten.  CANADA : Fogo Island Newfoundland,  EUROPE: London, Stratford; The Swan theatre, Glasgow, Stockholm, København, Århus, Ålborg, Odense, Thorshavn, Færøyene, Reykavik, Island, Leningrad, St. Petersburg,Vilnus, Parnu, Riga, Thallin,Parnu,Tampere, Lisboa, Barcelona, Munchen, Roma, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Ukraina, Kiel, Warzawa, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Krakow, Kiew, Brüssel. ASIA: Jakarta Indonesia, Bangladesh Dhaka, India New Dehli og Calcutta, Pakistan Lahore, Kina Beijing, “Womens Conference 96 Beijing” Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Ossaka, Palestina: Jerusalem, Israel, Tehran: Tel-Aviv. SOUTH AMERICA: Caracas, Bogota.

NORWAY: Numerous Tours and Festivals.


Created and performed by: Juni Dahr
Music Created and performed by and with: Chris Poole

With kind directing advice from; Marketta Kimbrell, Aimee M. Harnes
Costumes: Inger Derlick/ Juni Dahr
Visual concept: Aimee Malthe Harnes/Juni Dahr
Lights, additional light design and technical management on tour: Aimee Malthe Harnes, Marianne Thallaug Wedset, Frank Tangen, Henning Winger, Lis Randi Sørensen, David Siebert and others.

The performance may be booked through Visjoner Teater: Contact coordinator Marianne Roland


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