Hedda Gabler on tour (Ibsen)

Visjoner Theater and Companhia de Teatro de Almada in Portugal have collaborated since 2011. In 2013 Visjoner visited the Almada Festival with the performance Ibsen Women. We also had contact with the theatre in Almada during a bilateral Norwegian-Portuguese project financed through EEA-grants in 2014-2015.

After finding the perfect locations for Hedda Gabler at Casa da Cerca, overlooking the river Tagus and Lisbon, we could prepare for visiting with the performance. And when Visjoner visited the Almada Festival again in 2016 with Hedda Gabler, the performance was voted by the audience as the best performance at the festival in competition with among others The Seagull directed by Thomas Ostermeier and La Mama Theater from New York. Hedda Gabler was thus invited back to the Almada Festival in 2017 and had 6 fully sold performances. Juni Dahr was also honorary guest in 2017 and responsible for the program “The sense of the masters” in the festival period. She held several workshops and lectures and a book on her as honorary guest will be presented in March 2018.

For the concept The Sence of Masters the Festival each year invite a festival artist as honorary guest. Peter Stein has been a former artist, also the directors Ricardo Pais and Luis Miguel Cintra. The idea is that the theater as a collective art form needs trainers who let their knowledge and experience pass un to the next generation. In this way the whole theater environment will benefit young artists are given tools to further progressive work in the theater. 

Link to Festival de Almada 2017


Photos by Luana Rebeiro.


Artistic director and performance concept: Juni Dahr

Text: Henrik Ibsen
Text adaption: Juni Dahr and Tonje Gotschalksen
Directing by: Juni Dahr and Tonje Gotschalksen, in collaboration with the actors

Hedda Gabler: Juni Dahr
Jørgen Tesman: Lars Øyno
Eilert Løvborg: Hauk Heyerdahl
Judge Brack: Robert Skjærstad/Kai Remlov/Bjørn Skagestad
Thea Elvsted: Nina Woxholtt/Line Verndal

Costumes: Silje Fjellberg
Producer: Marianne Roland

Supported by: Arts Council Norway, FFUK, FFLB, Fritt Ord, Bergesenstiftelsen, DKS i Oslo, Ministery of Foreign Affairs.

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