A home for Hedda: A book launch in Almada

On March 27th 2018 Juni Dahr visited the theatre Joaquim Benite in Almada, Portugal, to present the book A home for Hedda which the theatre has produced about her and Visjoner Teater.

Backdrop for the book launch: A Home for Hedda is now the face of the fourth edition of The Meaning of the Masters, a training initiative provided by Festival de Almada in partnership with Share Foundation. In July 2017, Juni Dahr was in Almada to conduct what has so far been the least theoretical edition of this course for students, professionals and theatre lovers. During four days, the Norwegian actress and director gave advice on how to read and perform two scenes from Hedda Gabler, the play writ­ten by Ibsen that she brought to Portugal for two consecutive years. The phrases highlighted in this book, accompanied by photographs of the workshop, try to capture the essence of her interaction with the participants. There is also an essay that relates Ibsen´s play with Greek tragedy and an extensive interview with Juni Dahr that allows us to know the main moments of a life devoted to theatre and of a theatrical practise that has moved away from conventional spaces so that it could explore the potential of the site specific universe.

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