International Womens’ Day in Kulturkirken Jacob

We welcome you to celebrate International Women’s Day with four female artists who have excelled artistically while sharing awareness of female representation and role models.

Juni Dahr and Chris Poole will be performing Joan of Arc -Vision through Fire as part of the programme. In the spirit of The Maiden of Orleans, we raise the question: What are we and our fellow sisters willing to fight for in 2019?

Who:  Ulrikke Falch, Sofie Frost, Nosizwe, Juni Dahr
What:  Spoken word, Music, Theatre
Where: Kulturkirken Jakob, Hausmanns gt 14
When: March 8th 2019. Doors open at 7 pm. Open bar.

Tickets: sold at Ticketmaster
Price: NOK 400,- / students NOK 200,-



Ulrikke Falch became world famous over night as “Vilde” in NRKs sucsess series Skam. Ulrikke used her newfound position to put women’s role on the agenda in social debate: Together with Susanne Kaluza, she started the campaign #postitgeriljaen, which received massive attention, also internationally. Last fall she released the book “Jenteloven” (Girl’s Law) together with co-author Sofie Frøysaa. Nettavisen has named her one of the 25 most influential persons on the Internet in Norway – March 8th, she will be in Kulturkirken Jakob to celebrate with us!

Ulrikke on instagram:


South African/Norwegian singer Nosizwe style is a playful mix of soul, jazz, blues, electronica and hip-hop, seamlessly blending sensual, mature sounds and lyrics with a whirlwind of energy and mischief. She expresses with lyrical skill her views of the world and her personal journey towards becoming.

Nosizwe first appeared to Norwegian audience through the radio hit «Stay» with Sisi in 2012, labeled as the hit of the summer by national media. Alongside her studies as a political scientist, Noizwe started taking her own music more seriously.

Her debutalbum In Fragments 1 released in 2016 was produced by legendary Georgia Anne Muldrow and nominated for the Nordic Music Prize. Teaming up with multi-instrumentalist Anders Tjore, Nosizwe released her third album, «Nosizwe / Tjore», in 2018  – a revised, stripped-down and naked version of In Fragments, now as an improvisational record in the universe between soul/jazz and flamenco.

Nosizwe on Spotify


Actor and spoken word artist Sofie Frost writes about taboo topics such as mental health, abuse and rape, and uses her own experiences in the stories she tells. For her brave work, she was nominated for Skamløsprisen and Jenteprisen 2017.

Sofie has had a busy year in 2018: She was named both Norwegian champion and Nordic champion in Slam poetry, was a finalist in the European Championship and in the TV-show Norwegian talents. We are so lucky to have her with us this evening!

More about Sofie:

Jeanne d’Arc – Vision through fire

How could a teenage girl, unable to read or write, become a ledgendary commander of war? The young peasant girl Jeanne followed her conviction: She listened to her own inner voice. Defying conventions and dressed in men’s clothing, she led the French army to victory. For this, she was condemned a witch and burned at the stake, 19 years old.

The performance “Joan of Arc – Vision through Fire” was developed by actress Juni Dahr & director John Morrow just after Juni had decided to follow her inner voice and start her own company, Visjoner Teater (Theatre of Visions) in 1988.  Through her many female roles in classical drama and her own produced monologue performances, Juni has contributed to a renewal of the representation of female figures in Norwegian theatre.

On March 8th you’ll get to know both Juni and Jeanne in Jakobs kirke. Welcome!

NB! The performance is done in a Norwegian translation by Halldis Moren Vesaas. Music by Chris Poole.
Read more about Jeanne d’Arc – Vision thorugh fire here.


Visjoner Teater and Kulturkirken Jakob
Villa SULT og Stiftelsen Institutt for spiseforstyrrelser, Kunstplass Contemporary Art [Oslo]

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