Spor: Tore Brunborg, Juni Dahr og Per Oddvar Johansen

Spor (Tracks)

Spor  is a concert performance from The Arctic by and with actress Juni Dahr and jazz musicians Tore Brunborg and Per Oddvar Johansen.
The piece is inspired by our meeting with Svalbard, reflecting on the close relationship and constant battle between nature and man in the arctic areas. New compositions for saxophone and drums are combined with samples and recited, historical texts. 

Spor  premiered as part of the PolarJazz festival in Longyearbyen on February 3rd, 2019 in Coal Mine nb 3.
Store Norske Mandskor was part of in this particular concert.

Performances may be booked through Visjoner Teater:
Contact producer Marianne Roland visjoner@dahr.no


Created by: Juni Dahr, Tore Brunborg and Per Oddvar Johansen
Text performed by: Juni Dahr
Music created and performed by: Tore Brunborg and Per Oddvar Johansen
Photos from Longyearbyen: Johannes Andresen (see more at https://www.flickr.com/photos/foto-ja/with/46957539102/ )


From the concert performance «Spor»  in coal mine nb 3 in Longyearbyen, February 2019: